Spectrum Wrestling Accessibility Information PPW

If any assistance is needed, venue staff can be identified by their Spectrum branded lanyards.

1:1 Carer Tickets

If you require care/assistance to attend the event, please just grab your own general admission ticket and let us know you'll have a +1 via email.

We recognise that some attendees who require a carer to attend may not have access to evidence of their support needs due to legal bureaucracy, and wish to extend support to those attendees if at all possible without requiring evidence at the door. If you need a carer, we want to make sure that is not a barrier to attending

We are operating on the honour system, and trust that this system will not be abused.

However, if we receive a large enough number of carer ticket requests that it becomes clear that the system is being abused, we will unfortunately need to change this stance, and ask to see a carer’s pass from any major scheme, or the evidence required to obtain one, for those bringing a carer. If this has to happen, we will email attendees with carer passes to let them know. This will be a last resort we will aim to avoid.

Prior Notification/ Enquiries

To request adjustments/accommodations on the night please send an email with the subject line 'Accessibility Request' to thecommandersterling@gmail.com

For enquiries and queries about the event, please use the subject line 'Accessibility Enquiry'

Wheelchair users

Level access for all audience areas, accessible toilet available. Priority space will be made available.


There will be a speaker system running for music and announcements. While we encourage those with sensory issues to bring their preferred form of hearing protection, there will be a supply of disposable earplugs available on the night.

The event will not feature support for Induction Loop hearing aids.


Photosensitivity warning - While we have attempted to minimise intensity where we are able, please be aware that bright and flashing lights will be used throughout the event, without prior warning.


This is a standing event, however in the show area, a small amount of seating will be made available, which will be prioritised toward use by disabled guests.

Evidence of disability will not be requested by event staff. If all seating is in use, and you require a seat due to a disability, let a member of staff know, who will attempt to arrange you a seat.

The bar and outdoor area also have ample seating.


There is a large outdoor area which will hopefully provide space and respite from crowds, flashing lights, and noise during the event.

If the outdoor area is still too overwhelming, please find a member of staff who will escort you to a quiet area indoors.

Medical Emergency

We have qualified first aiders on staff who have standard first aid kits and basic first aid training.

If you require the use of specialist equipment such as an epipen, please bring it with you, and identify yourself and where it is on your person to first aid staff.

We ask that you email prior notification if you know in advance you are likely to require specialist medical assistance outside the scope of standard first aid training during the event.

While we will attempt to provide support where able, some medical conditions may be outside the scope of our ability, or level of expertise. In such cases where we are not confident we can safely meet your medical needs, we may request you bring a carer able to assist, who will be provided a free ticket.

In the case of an emergency, you should alert staff, who will contact 999 on your behalf.


We encourage the use of masks to help prevent the spread of both covid and seasonal illness, both for the safety of all our guests, and in consideration of the wider risk posed by further transmission. Masks will be provided free of charge on the door.

We recognise that their use may not be possible for those with hidden disabilities, and will not be requiring any proof of disability.