Leftover F@#&ING Sterling Son T-Shirt (HD Re-Release)

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**Note*** our sales host won't let us pool inventory for USA stock and Rest Of World stock, so if you don't live in mainland USA, please email us to order, thank you!

Here is the milky runoff from our last attempt at Doing A Merchandise. This clearance stock is 100% guaranteed to not be very collectible, so make sure you snap this unpopular nonsense up while stocks last. When it’s gone, it’s gone, we’re probably not making any more of them. That is generally what it means when one says “until stocks last.” Please do note that, because it’s a load of clearance stuff picked from the vaults, we cannot accept returns or do refunds on these particular purchases. Thank you! 

Time to show your love of Jim Sterling LOUD and PROUD!!

But also, like... I mean... I gotta wear this in public. And I remember people staring the last time I wore a shirt that just said ASS. And this is much worse. Plus I might run into my relatives, and I don't wanna have THAT conversation.