Accent Stickers

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Accent stickers, inspired by artists references, esports team tags, common lucky colors, scientific metal salt and indicator references, and daily affirmation reminders. Celebrate life in full color and brighten up your space. Vinyl sticker measuring approximately 2.5". Design by Phoenix Toothill. Handmade in the USA by Conrad Zimmerman.

Thats probably enough to fill the page preview. These are identical to the regular items, but in a discreet listing. We know not everybody can be as out and open as they might wish to be. We see you, stand in solidarity with you, and want to ensure your safety as best we can if you'd like to have these without having to explain. What’s inside doesn’t change because of what you're facing outside, and we really mean this: there is absolutely no shame in staying safe first. You are valid regardless of your situation.

Any packing slip / customs descriptions will not show the identity of the flag, or suggest that it is meaningful in any way, however please be aware that the stores name must be displayed on business account postage and customs forms for legal reasons, so depending on the level of surveillance you have to deal with, this listing may be found through searching for 'The Jimporium'

Please note if merch such as the “can do whatever they want” tees are bought alongside these then we will assume that is deliberate, and the packing slip will still show those items regularly.